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Original: Self Is'lation Blues

Kamil Kisiel

My partner and I are under 14-day self-isolation so as a fun project we recorded this song, which we call "Self Is'lation Blues" (music inspired by "St. Louis Blues"):

She did the vocals and piano and I did the guitars and production.

Axe-FX III was used for guitars, with the Jr. Blues model and factory preset for the lead. Can't recall exactly what I used for the rhythm but it might be the same just with a different pickup combo.

I'm not really a blues player so this is definitely stepping outside my playing comfort zone, but I think it turned out OK :)


Power User
I’m digging the self isolation blues :cool:
Sounded great everybody needs a little blues time. Hang in there stay safe.

Kamil Kisiel

Thanks guys, hope you are all doing well. Tomorrow we'll be allowed to leave the apartment again to go outside at least, so that's a plus!

Kamil Kisiel

This sounds excellent! The Blues Jr is one of my favourite Fender models in the III.
Thanks Leon. I actually barely use it in the Axe-FX but decided to give it a try here because that's the actual amp I use in the jazz band I play in.
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