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Optical Encoder in XL



was wondering if the new optical encoder of the XL is compatible with the Mark I?
I got one of the first Axe II..and a broken encoder with it. (there were having some issues back then)
anyways...never saw the need to switch it or to repair it...
though now they are selling the last batches of the Mark II..and i was wondering if there may arise
any compability issue if i wanted to replace it at some time...


so not compatible? Are u still having Mark II encoders in stock right now to get mine fixed?
prob. best to send request to support...


Fractal Fanatic
If I remember what I read of Cliff's recent posts...

The newest encoder fits only the XL+ and was a large part of why that unit was designated "+" as it required a different LCD. I don't think it fits any other unit.
They II will continue to be supported along with the II Mark 2 and XL. They are all considered "IIs" for that purpose, they're just discontinuing building the first II versions because everyone is buying the XL+ new anyway.
FAS has a decent supply of all parts to service or repair all versions of the Axe Fx II.

Hope that's helpful. You can search Cliff's posts for specifics, they are all pretty recent.
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