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Opinions on best value Hollow body Jazz box


8C8BC037-42E9-4E93-A44C-70A73BFDE5AB.jpegBought this Epiphone Joe Pass a few years back, from a member here on the Fractal board. I have flat wound 11's on it . Very reasonable and plays like butter...


Okay, I made a selection yesterday. I was going to buy an Ibanez PM120 on Reverb, but I took too long and someone else bought by the time I decided to buy it. So I did an extended Craigslist search and found a 2017 Peerless Monarch about 3 hours away. I made the 7 hour round trip drive and picked it up. I'll just forget about the hour I spent in stop and go traffic in Portland . . .

The pickup has been upgraded to a Seth Lover. It also has a replacement gold metal tail piece instead of the stock rosewood tailpiece. The original tailpiece was included, but not the original pickup. The build quality is steller, and the tone is passibly close to what I wanted. The note attack is not as gentle/soft as I wanted, and the tone is a bit brighter than I had in mind. But I can live with both because neither is extreme and it still sounds great. I see this as a starter guitar. I can always buy another guitar down the road if I want to. The only thing that I'm not so fond of is that the pickup is set into the top rather than floating which is probably why the attack and tone are the way they are. But I paid less than half of new price for a mint guitar and came in under half of my original budget. And I love the color - which apparently is "Honey Sunburst". Original case in great shape is also included. This guitar is made of all solid, carved woods - top is solid carved spruce, back and sides are solid carved maple. Here are some pics:


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I forgot to say to all who contributed to this thread - THANK YOU! All of your comments are appreciated and were very helpful.

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