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Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux


Fractal Audio Systems
aliasing.PNGLatest measurements.

Purple is Axe-Fx III. Blue is a new thing.

Aliasing is especially poor in the high frequencies. Usually the aliasing spectrum is sort of flat (like the Axe-Fx). With this product the aliasing increases with frequency which is odd.

Model used was JCM800. All controls at noon except Presence at zero. Gain was matched.


  • aliasing.PNG
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Power User
Can I ask how these results were generated? Was there a test tone or frequency sweep or something like that?

Joe Bfstplk

Aliasing performance. The big spike is the input signal. Ideally you would just have the spike and the harmonics. Any "garbage" below the spike and between the harmonics is aliasing and causes fizzy tones and ear fatigue.
Jeepers! 30dB more aliasing on the green line at one point in the high end....
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