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One Tap - Two Control Switches

Alex Kerezy

In the FC Layout - I would like TWO (count em' two) TAP functions per foot switch. See Screen Snapshot Below [thank you Photoshop]

For example - I have a (singular aka ONE) foot switch assigned to
  • The looper block to Play/Stop what's been recorded
  • The CS2 switch - which could be a modifier in anything, but for example
    • When tapped it starts/stopped the REVERB hold (my particular need).......or............
    • When tapped it starts/stops the DEALY repeat hold
In these examples - at the same time playback started on the looper, by pressing on ONE and only ONE foot switch, something else would also happen.

See the screen snapshot print below

We'll see how many other users are interested here, but I suspect we'll get some more likes.

My particular need comes from an issue with the looper, put in the chain behind or after the reverb, having a jump in volume when the PLAY/STOP foot switch is pressed. In my case I play a note; I press one foot switch to engage the REVERB hold, so the note sustains or continuously plays. I stop playing all together, and then I want to record the beautiful output of the REVERB hold. So I record it for a few seconds, and when I press a different foot switch tied to the PLAY/STOP function of the looper - I get a spike in sound:::: WHY? because the looper is now playing-creating output, but the REVERB hold continues to play as well.

There may be work-arounds (PhD needed), but I can think of other uses for ONE tap switch to control TWO functions ::: see screen print below

One TAP switch - TWO functions. Come on Axe Fx III - you can do it.

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