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One preset will not recall using MFC-101 MKIII via Fastlink?


Hi all, I am a new AXE FX 2 XL and MFC-101 MKIII user.

There seems to be a strange thing happening with my rig.

I have saved a preset to preset location 384 but switch 5 on MFC does nothing when I try to recall this patch but works fine in all other banks. (both AXE FX 2 XL and MFC are set to start presets at 000).

The MFC Bank/Song limit is set to 77 and will go no higher. I have selected AXE FX 2 XL in the MFC port menu and XL in the Midi Mode as instructed in the Quickstart guide.

Perhaps the MFC 101 MKIII cannot recall presets above 383?

I have been looking through the manuals online and can't see an answer to this so perhaps one of you will know.

I would appreciate anyone helping me out on this.

So, thanks in advance.

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Fractal Audio Systems
The MFC-101 cannot recall presets above 383 at this time. I believe this will be addressed in the next firmware release.


Ah, Problem solved for now. I thought perhaps I had a bug in system.

Great stuff, thanks for speedy reply.

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