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On stage with Firehouse and Trixter!


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So, I'm playing in my cover band tonight, which was kind of a special night in that it was the first gig with the new drummer and our first gig going 100% digital. Axe FX Ultra, Axe FX II, and Pod HD500. Literally the only thing that wasn't direct was the acoustic drums. We're about 1/2 way through the second set and in walks Michael Foster (Firehouse drummer), Allen McKenzie (Firehouse bassist), and PJ Farley (Trixter bassist)! Apparently, they played earlier at a different venue and came to the bar we were playing for an after-party. They come up to me after the set, told me we sounded awesome, and ask if they can come up and do a couple songs. They didn't have a guitar player, so they asked me to join them on stage! What was I gonna say? No?! Allen sang, and of course PJ played bass while Michael drummed. Super nice guys and Michael Foster is one hell of a drummer! It was a blast! Sorry about the blurry images... small stage and not a well lit club.






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That is frigging AWESOME!!!
Congrats. What are the chances of that happening?
Im sure that was crazy fun. Good for you. :)


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Awesome! What tunes did you play with them?

We played ac/dc "shook me all night long", kiss "i wanna rock and roll all night, and alice in chains "man in the box". It was just too awesome to even process. Alan wanted to do 4 non blondes "what's up", but PJ apparently has a rule that he'll never play that song on stage ever. Which of course drew quite a but of ridicule from Alan and Michael. It was hilarious.
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