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On-Line ( Skype/Zoom) and In-Person Consultation Sessions. Fractal Audio Product Specialist!


Hi Gang,

My nickname Moke (like smoke, without the 's'). I am the owner of 'Moke's Custom Presets'.

I have been teaching myself to play the guitar since the age of 12. I have been playing live shows and running sound for my bands as well as others since the mid 1980s. During my time in these 'Cover' bands, I honed my skills at re-creating the guitar tones and playing styles of the 'Artists' that we covered and all of my personal 'Guitar Heroes'. I have been using various analog and digital guitar processors since their inception, always using the current 'State of the Art'. These include the - 'Roland' GP-8 - Art SGX-2000 - 'Rocktron' Chameleon and Intellifex - 'Digitech' GSP 2101 Artist - 'Line 6' POD 1, Ax2 212, Vetta 2HD, and Helix LT - 'Fractal Audio' Axe-Fx ll - Mark 1, MFC-101, AX8, and Axe-Fx III, FC6

My preset web-store has been operating since June of 2016. During that time I have also been making custom 'one-off' presets, and doing consultation sessions, mostly on-line, but I have done a couple dozen in-person sessions with some local (So Cal) session/performing guitarists. Most notably with Grammy winning guitarist/producer 'Pete Anderson'.

You can contact me for more info though the 'Contact' button in my web-store...
Moke's Custom Presets
Or email me directly at markmoke@aol.com

YouTube channel

Thanks, Moke


With the Covid-19 situation, I will likely be more available than usual for the next few weeks?
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