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Old School ACDC


Thanks. If my memory serves me correctly, I think these were recorded with the 3.18 firmware version. I wonder what they would sound lik now? :)


That was awesome!
Whoever is singing that must be some re-incarnate of Mr. Bon Scott. It's eerie! :shock: :shock:


PosterBoy said:
any chance of getting the presets uploaded?

Yeah - I've had other requests for this as well. The only potential weird spot may be that these were recorded with firmware 3.18 and now with 6.0 (and better cab models here) they may sound a bit different/better. :cool:

I am planning to upgrade this weekend to 6.00, so I'll hook up my rig to MidiOx and port the patch to the Patchexchange for you guys.


OK - The preset has been uploaded. You can find it here - http://www.axechange.net/preset.aspx?preset_id=547

Here is the preset image

I use 2 Expression pedals. Pedal1 engages the Wah. Pedal2 engage the MultiDelay and Filter. This adds volume and a tad bit more delay to help fatten up the solo. They are set to auto-engage so I can engage them easily during live performances.

I hope this helps
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