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Okay, guess this one


Cool. I too heard a slightly richer tone - (bloom?) - in the first clip and preferred it over the 2nd. Very very cool.


Damn, I guessed the first one was the amp before reading Cliff post... It completely fooled me...
The clips are indeed a bit different, first clip is warmer and had more gain the second is a bit more dynamic or less compressed.


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First half was the Axe FxII!!! Wow Cliff what have you done man!!! Your dedication to us and the Axe FxII is simply phenomenal. Truly appreciate it!!! It sounds better than the Tube Amps even more now!!!!


BRAVO CLIFF!!!!! You are a genius! That was so damn good.

A question, will you be upgrading all the amps in the AxeII to take advantage of this?


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clearly # 1 is the axe.... no wait, it's # 2... ahhh nope, its # 1 ... arrrrrggghhhhhh!


How did you know? I was actually hoping number two wasn't the Axe. :)

The AxII was more defined to my ears... There was a bit more smear to the sound of the lower mids to me...
I am listening on a set of Focal monitors and those are pretty decent monitors.



This reminds me of someone who once quoted on this forum " Tube is tube and digital is digital and they will never be the same ".

Well Cliff, I think a more appropriate quote now is " tube is tube, but digital is better ".

You buy a tube amp, and that is what you get... the sound is fixed and can be changed by volume knob, tone knob, and your fingers of course.
But with AXE the amp sim you is the start point. It can be altered and tweaked in ways the original never could be.

Congratulations Cliff, you have ushered in a new era for the guitar...


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before I saw the answer I could say they were very different; 1st a bit more gain and a bit more compressed, second I didnt like at all. A bit more open but ill defined, sounded like when I was a kid playing my electric through the headphone jack on my stereo, sorta warm but flubby. Funny I was going to guess Rush but of course it aint name that tune.

Ps Please put in one of the super high gain splawns pretty please (nitro?)


I had an epiphany yesterday and was up until 1:00 am coding new B+ and screen grid modeling. I think I've nailed the last missing element.


Woohoo! When Cliff says he has an epiphany, I'm certainly going to pay close attention.

First half is Axe-Fx.

Well, like others have said, this one had me fooled. I'm hearing a rounder, more organic sound with the first half than the second, and thought that meant it was the real amp. Now mind you, they are very close, the closest my ears have encountered in these comparisons.

Kudos, Cliff. I am in your debt.
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