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Offline mode rendering to get rid of aliasing

It’s a little bit technical but as Cliff open our eyes on the sides effects of digital processing for gain/harmonics generating creating aliasing at real time oversampling possible rates (I believe the AxefxIII does 16x which is apparently enough for many amps) but I would be very pleased to have to option to run an offline mode to render a « perfect » recording session with the AxefxIII.
  • I could play and record at 16x
  • and once the track is perfect the AxefxIII could render it at 1024x.

There is one plugin offering that and that’s cool ( saturnLO in render mode)

Maybe it would just be interesting only for a few sessions recording dudes but it could definitely kill the « digital sounding » argument as the modeling tech are pretty good right now and the « feel » is here.

It could open a new world for Cliff to offer some uncompromised offline models with all of the more demanding algorithms he could use for profession studios.

Bad idea?
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