Oceill - "Repose" - A new song 5 months in production! [Axe-FX II, live drums!]

Hi guys! My band "Oceill" just released their new single "Repose".

It's a track I have been working on for 5 months now, first clips dating back to the start of April. In that time, I've composed, arranged, demoed, transcribed, recorded, produced and mixed the whole thing and now we're here.

The song includes live strings recorded by Stringify - a Danish startup that will record your strings live for an extremely low price and high quality (link at the bottom) - and is mastered by no-other than Acle Kahney from TesseracT/4DSounds.

Without further ado, here's the song. Tear it up, hate it openly with your guts, share with your friends so you can hate on it together and maybe make your dog hate it as well:

Download and maybe drop a buck or two here:
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