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[Not a bug] Possible bug in Carol-Ann OD-2?


Power User
I was messing around with the LT Leads preset that @2112 posted a while ago, on scene 4 with the OD-2, and noticed an audible crackling as the the Input Drive is increased/decreased. Initially, I had just attached Leon’s recent Pitch Follower tip to the Input Drive, and had it ranging from 7.0 to 10, with Attack and Release each set for approx 120.0 ms. As I would come close to the string with my pick or my my hand, it made a distinct crackling through my speakers, but also made the same sounds during playing. I tried the same on the other seven scenes, which each have a different amp selected. The OD-2 was the only one that I could hear make this type sound. I disengaged the Pitch Follower, and while manually moving the Input Drive “knob”, from 7 up to 10, and back down, I heard the same crackling. Is it possible the Carol Ann OD-2 has a bug? I’m on firmware 7.0, Axe-Edit 1.03.01, and on a fairly new Mac Mini. I’ve also rebooted both the computer and the AxeFXIII, and afterwards the same crackling is still occurring.

I welcome others to validate this issue.




Fractal Audio Systems
Some amps have complicated input drive circuitry that requires a lot of calculations. Adjusting the Input Drive control can result in crackling as the time required to recalculate the network is long. Don't attach a controller to the Input Drive on these amps.


Power User
@FractalAudio Got it. Any chance we can get a list of the amps that have the longer time to recalculate, so less (chance of) unnecessary bug reports? Thanks for the information.
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