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Wish Normalize volume behavior in Cab block


Fractal Fanatic
Centering the amp block balance feeds both input channels of the cab block, so you are hearing all 4 IRs. You are getting 4 out of 4 parts at the Cab block output. When you only feed one input channel of the cab block, you are only getting 2 out of 4 parts, or half the signal level. 0.5 times the signal level is roughly equal to -6 dB.

The cab block is not actually tracking the signal levels that come from each IR. The level normalization is based on how many cabs are active (not muted), their individual level settings, and their pan settings. By not feeding half the IRs, you are skewing that normalization and as a result you don't hear the full normalized signal. That's why making changes to the individual cab level, mute, solo, etc settings is causing audible level changes in the final block output. The signals that would be there to make up the difference and keep the output constant are missing because you are only feeding one input.
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