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Noob questions...


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Hello all !!

Just got my "new to me" Ultra a week ago, and already had some user IR's loaded into it... before I even messed with the Ultra, I backed up all of the presets, and system to my computer... and have a few noob questions...

1. Are the User IR's backed up when you backup the system ? or is there a way to do it ?

2. Is there a way to see what the actual User IR's names are ? He said some were redwirez, but didn't know which they were... if they are, I'd like to know which ones to buy and which ones not to, cuz some sound pretty good... some not...

3. In the Axe FX editor, or in the unit itself, is there any way to that you can see the level at each stage of the preset ? I have been experimenting with a pretty cool sounding Dual-amp sim, but adding parallel FX is causing internal distortion... I'm sure it's most likely a routing mixing issue, not being familiar with the best way to route and connect the FX... I am from the Recording Engineer background, and trying to set it up like I do in the studio is causing unwanted extortion (yes, that's distortion with a New York accent...)

Thanks in advance !!


1. No, no

2. No

3. Not easily within a block but see page 12 of the manual. If the Out1 Clip LED is lighting you can usually just reduce the level at/after the last nonlinear block (the main preset level is a good choice if you want to be consistent since that's always in the preset). If you wanted to check the level at some point you could reroute (or in some cases bypass later blocks) from there directly to output and check the meter in the utility menu.


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Thanks for the reply !!

1. That seems like something that should be almost essential... when you clone a drive in a computer, you do so that *if* it ever fails, you can just restore it to the last saved version... seems like this is something that most people would want to do... back up their presets, system, AND User IR's... Especially since you can't see what the names of the IR's that you have loaded....

2. WISH this was something that could be done... seems like it could be addressed in a firmware update. It would be GREAT to be able to be able to KNOW what you have loaded in your User IR's location by name, so you don;t have to write everything down... you may not always have that notepad near you when you NEED it.

3. Thanks for the tip... most of the operation is pretty straight forward... would be nice to be able to see the signal level on each row before the output mixer, so you can see and control it a little better... again from an engineering perspective... if it's there, I really need to read more... LOL

Thanks to Yek for all of the Wiki work.... holy crap that must have taken a LONG time to write !!
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