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Not a Bug Noise issue when connected to PC


New Member

I'm having some noise issues when using my Axe Fx XL+.

My setting is the Axe Fx connected trough SP/DIF to a MOTU Ultralite MK4 that is connected trough USB to my desktop PC.

If I turn off the PC everything works as expected but If I turn the computer ON there's a lot of noise comming from, I'm guessing, the proccessor.

I don't have the knowledge nor a clue of why this is happening or how to minimize it but Cubase records the noise and is becoming a problem.

I'm attaching a video with the computer off and then ON to show the noise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sorry for my english btw. Not my mother language.

Video Link:


New Member

In case someone has the same issue, at least for me, it was simply the pickups picking the electro magnetic interference as the guitar was more or less near the computer case.
An EMI filter and placen the computer further from the guitar should do the trick.
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