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NGD - Kiesel DC600T - Seller's Remorse Cured


I bought this Kiesel DC600T new in 2016 direct from Kiesel. I bought it on a whim, had a bit of buyer's remorse, and decided to return it, but the 10-day return period had expired. So, I sold it on Reverb. Then, had an immediate case of seller's remorse. Drat. I contacted the buyer, but they said they loved the guitar and would never let it go. Double drat. I contacted the buyer again a couple of years later and the story was the same - a special guitar that was a keeper. Oh, well - time to get over it.

Fast forward five years to a couple of months ago. The buyer contacted me to see if I'd like to buy the guitar back. They said they'd hardly played it and would let it go for what they'd paid me in 2016. I jumped on their offer, and a few days later, I had my guitar back in like-new condition.

It's a white limba chambered body with bookmatched flamed koa top and satin matte finish. I swapped the stock pickups with Dimarzio Rainmaker and Dreamcatcher and the bridge for a glossy gold VS300.

I have NO regrets this time around and it's become my most-played guitar since I got it back.


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