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Next up Axe-Fx AI


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Surely it is. But my iPhone’s hardware is more powerful that the PC I played Half-Life 2 on. And when you add in AI, hardware becomes just a mechanism for exploring anything.

Like a human brain seeking tones on guitar. What did those brains accomplish with a Strat or Les Paul on a Fender Deluxe or Marshall Stack in the early days? Fast Forward. What did Cliff accomplish? What will virtual cloud based armies of Cliff’s accomplish? We are but children following the paths of our parents.

What happens when our “elders” and advisors are not limited by generational knowledge? When they can think beyond our collective wisdom and experience?

It’s like comparing pocket calculators to super computers. We will seem like blood letters.
Just like the folks that tote 4x12’s and 100 watt tube heads to the tribal jam now.
As long as we don’t find out that our AxeFX III’s are equipped with hidden cameras & microphones recording, listening & watching everything we do.. :eek::p
basically a buffet of album+artist+genre based presets, integrated into the user interface of the device, like Line 6 Tone Port? I like having to work for it, and I've really enjoyed (and am enjoying) the mandatory learning curve it's imposed on me in owning one.
I am talking about a hybrid approach. One that couples the invaluable genius of Cliff’s vision, follow through & commitment along with the notion of Kemper profiling.

It is clear to me that we need a commonly available library of replicable items as you mention. You know and use them... amps, mics, cabs, speakers, tubes, amps, pedals, environments. And associated parameters. With efficient emulators. Look at the Axe manual for a fairly complete list. :)

I suppose we have that now with some constraints. We have the library, we have the operational processor to deliver the tone and scene. We need the next level. Professional artists have teams. Specialists.

AI should step in. There’s a ton it could do with our efforts, knowledge and code. Let us dance around the box. And let it figure us out.

On topic? Love FW 3. I am doing nothing but Marshall’s. I have too many years of pent up frustration.
"AI" gets tossed around a lot, like "deep learning" people think these are magic wands that can be waved around to accomplish anything. They are not.
They will be. To a certain extent.

They will soon replace Radiogists, Lawyers and Wall Street analysts. Well...
Sooner than most think.

All currently high paying brain based work.
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