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News Update from an FRFR user.............still


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Thought I owe it to all the guys who helped and advised me........
I'm still using the Q12 FRFR and have not gone back to real cabs.... I don't know if IV just got used to it or just found the right sound but I'm liking what I hear. - The jury is still slightly out with the FOH sound though it is getting better.... The problem is that I do the sound as well as play and sing so don't get much time to fully play around with my sound etc.... I'm liking what I hear through the Q12 and just hope that it sounds as good out front - no body has approached me and said my sound is good, but also no one has approached me and said my sound is bad.... I still get that slight naisly tone out of the IR.

Anyway, it can only get better, and I'm really happy on stage and very greatful for all the help and advice.
I fancy upgrading to v9 but after reading that it changes the tone I'm a little frightend to try it...


If you have a chance, Have someone else play a bit or use the looper to record some playing then walk out to listen to from the audience's perspective. It will give you a better idea of what you've got. FRFR takes some getting used to, but it's hard to go back once you do.


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Damn you all, now IV just read about V9.1 sounding even better in the IR department- more 'open' sounding and more natural.... :confused:


The FRFR situation is better than it has ever been so far. The firmware 9.01 is better than ever for FRFR speakers. I have an Atomic CLR active wedge, and it used to be very hard to get it sounding right to my ears. Yes, it sounded NASEL! Yet, now, its a lot more realistic, and along with the "speaker comp" and "speaker drive" and "dephase" etc, you can make the FRFR speaker much more realistic if that makes sense. If one doesn't like the word, "MORE REALISTIC", lets just say, sounds BETTER! Or more accurate, it seems easier to tune for real life speaker response. lol Yeah, one must comment in a certain way on here, as the statement, MORE REAL, gets a few in a hissy fit. hehe but we veterans do understand anyhow. To put it simple, everything is heading in a great direction in regards to the Axe Fx.


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If you are close to finding a good sound then Q9 will only make it better. I recommend update and take it for a spin
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