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Newbie Axe II user needs connection help


New Member
Hi all

I'm a new Axe user, and I'm trying to get everything setup. I would like to connect the unit to a Radial JX44 guitar switcher's FX Loop and then going out to a boogie 2:90 power amp and then into a boogie 4x12.

I would like to use axe patches with the 2:90. So far I'm not getting any sound. Currently I have it connected like this

Guitar to jx44
jx44 send to axe input 2
axe output 2 to jx 44 return
jx44 amp 1 to 2:90 channel b to cab

Any help or if someone can point me in the right direction would be great!



Fractal Fanatic
You will need the fx loop block in your preset, and also have to have output 1 and output 2 on the front panel turned up.
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