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New Weber IRs Uploaded


In AxeChange... same User ID as here.

Weber 100W Alnico Blue Dog in Recto 2x12 in multiple locations, Weber 100W Legacy M75, Lg Dome mounted in a Mesa Thiele in several locations... Enjoy! These do not sound exactly the same as the 1st couple I uploaded, as they were captured at a little higher volume in an attempt to get the cones moving a little. I think the SM57's presence peak with the Legacy makes it a little edgy, so I'll try another mic in the future, but they are definitely usable,

I"ll try to get some more done in the next couple of weeks as time allows.


I just uploaded a set recorded with a Sennheiser e609. These are a little sweeter/smoother than the 57's. Constructive criticism welcome. :)

Also, I uploaded a capture from the Thiele port. Works pretty well to fatten up thin/bright IRs. Set the mode to Stereo, pan both sides to the middle and set the Port b/w -3 and -6 dB and compensate with the Cab Level parm.

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Just put up a set recorded with an AKG C1000 Condenser Mic. A little more clinical in the highs than the others....

Question: What should drop in the cab and put up next, a Weber H75 or a Mesa/Celestion C90, the default speaker in a Mark 4?
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