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New video for the new METALLICA MKIIC++ amp model in Q3.03! YEAAHHH


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Yes folks, you read that right!
There is a new firmware coming soon and it features a new amp from and for Metallica.
It's the new USA IIC++ amp model.

At this point it isn't clear what this amp model is based on by I suspect that Cliff modeled one of their actual amps.
So it could possibly be based on one of Metallica's very own Mesa Boogie MKII C++ amps.
It could also be a tweaked version of the other C+ models as requested by Metallica.
And OMG it sounds so good.
You guys are going to love this.

Edit: James's guitar tech Chad has chimed in and stated that this amp isn't a model of one of James's own amps. It still sound really good though.

I made a short video for you with some music and I also show the preset and IR's I used.
Lets keep this thread alive and chat about this awesome new amp!


You can also listen to the track on my SoundCloud page:
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Can't wait to try this! I'm getting my AX8 this week, hope this amp makes it to an update for it or else I'll be playing my Axe Fxii instead of my new toy. Love your sound and playing on this.


I can't see the video either. My laptop's screen was suddenly covered with this thick white sticky substance as soon as I read the words,"New USA IIC++ amp model". :D
Ah, I'm not the only one...but the sounds I hear are devilish!
++ = double pleasure!
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Omg that clip, awesome Metallica-vibe, Load meets Master of puppets.
I went for a cross between Load/Reload, Death Magnetic, Black and Master of Puppets hahaha.
I love the smoothness and bigness of the Black album, the rawness of Death Magnetic and Master and the hugeness of the Load/Reload tones.
It would be hard to pick a favorite.
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