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New User IR slots work like a charm! (pics)


I've had my II for three days now. Initially, I was not as blown away
as I hoped, until...I started using the new User IR capacity. Now I'm
in heaven. Using a standard USB cable and Fractal's Windows Driver
3rd party IR's download beautifully, and even name themselves.
Here are some pics for those who've not seen how this works.
The 2048 point IR's are fantastic. They really convey string nuances
and changes in pick pressure better than 1024 IRs.

I would have bought a II for this upgrade alone:



Power User
Cool pics....thanks.

This is a very cool feature for me...I was always experimenting with IR's.

I kept a .txt file of what was in there...but occasionally I wouldn't update my file and I have to guess.

two words: lint brush :)


I almost wipe my monitor off looking at those pics
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