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New Unit Name Timeout


Just got around to hooking up the MFC Mark III that i'm using with an XL Plus model. I'm getting the name timeout error. I'm connecting using a singly Faslink connector running from the MFC to Axe. Any suggestions? It's probably just something dumb, but the MFC seems really confusing. I just read the manual and and more confused.


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Make sure your MFC is setup to be Faslink:

  1. Press and hold EDIT until the edit light and the 4 lights at the bottom of the unit blink
  2. Press MIDI (Switch #4)

First page should be "Use Port" make sure that's set to "FASLINK" if it's not you can use the UP or DOWN switches to cycle through he options til you get to "FASLINK" Press the EDIT button again to which should exit and save (as labeled above) your changes.

Now make sure your Axe FX Mode is set to XL+:

  1. Press and hold EDIT again until the the 4 lights at the bottom of the unit are blinking again
  2. Press SETUP (Switch #5)

First page should be "Axe-FX Mode". If it's not already set to "XL+", use the UP or DOWN switches to cycle through the options until you get to XL+ and then press Edit again to exit/save.

Lastly, make sure your AxeFx is set to use "Faslink" for the MFC Port
  1. Press I/O button on front panel
  2. Page right button twice to get to the "MIDI" page
  3. Arrow down twice to "MFC Port"
  4. Twist Value knob til you get to "Faslink"

Once everything is set correctly you should just need to power off and back on your AxeFX and it should be communicating with the MFC-101.

The quick start PDF might be helpful for the initial setup steps:


And Chris's MFC-101 Initial Setup video (he's going through the steps for setting it up for ethercon here, so just make sure you're setting things for your applicable hardware):

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