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New To forum hello



download the firmware
the instructions are in the folder you download, but i'm posting it here for you

yes you can update straight to FW 11

The RME FireFace 800 can corrupt large sysex data streams and may render your Axe-Fx inoperable if used to update the firmware. We strongly advise against using the RME FireFace 800 for firmware updates.

To update your Axe-Fx firmware please follow the following steps:

1. Connect your PC's MIDI Out to the Axe-Fx MIDI In.

2. Load the accompanying sysex file into your MIDI librarian.

3. On your Axe-Fx press UTILITY and then PAGE >> until you reach the FIRMWARE page.

4. Press ENTER.

5. Send the file from your PC to the Axe-Fx. A progress box should appear on the Axe-Fx displaying the transfer progress. It will take several minutes to transfer the file.

NOTE: If the progress bar jumps back to the beginning then a data error has occurred. This can happen due to noise, marginal MIDI adapter implementations, etc. If this occurs abort the transfer from the PC and turn the Axe-Fx off. Turn the Axe-Fx back on and go back to step 3. If data errors continue to occur then there is likely a problem with your MIDI hardware or device drivers.

6. If all goes well the Axe-Fx will display "GOOD CHECKSUM" and proceed to reprogram the flash memory. If the file format was incorrectly interpreted by your librarian or any other problems occur the Axe-Fx will display "BAD CHECKSUM" and abort the update procedure. If this happens turn the unit off and then back on and check your librarian settings and then repeat this procedure.

7. After the flash has been reprogrammed turn the unit off, wait several seconds then turn the unit back on. Your new firmware is now ready to use!


- It is recommended that you close all other applications before updating the firmware.

- Firmware is provided in raw sysex format. You can use this format with MIDI-OX as well as many other MIDI librarians.

- Due to constant improvements there may be some minor differences in sound when upgrading firmware. After upgrading you should check that your presets sound the way you desire. You may need to fine tune the gain, EQ, etc.

- If you are using MIDI-OX to send the firmware to the Axe-Fx be aware that MIDI-OX's default settings may cause a buffer overrun error in that program. We recommend the following settings:

Low Level I/O Buffers: size - 256, number - 16
Milliseconds between buffers: 90

To configure MIDI-OX use: View -> Sysex to bring up the Sysex view window then Sysex -> Configure to configure the buffers.

NOTE: Some combinations of computer and MIDI adapter are known to cause problems. The M-Audio UNO in particular is problematic. If you are having problems installing the firmware and are using this adapter it is highly recommended that you consider investing in a different adapter.

If you have any problems or questions please email support at support@fractalaudio.com

Major Tom

New Member
thank you...... I will report......is there any send and receive midi parameters I need to check the axe fx ultra is set too ? pls inform


thank you...... I will report......is there any send and receive midi parameters I need to check the axe fx ultra is set too ? pls inform
for firmware updates, you must go to the Firmware Update screen and begin the process on the Axe itself just as the instructions state. presets or similar items are sent and received immediately without any menu needs.

Major Tom

New Member
okay question.....what lights should I be seeing lit up on the axe and the midisport....as ive tried transferring the new firmware and no luck


midi lights on the front panel should light up as it's receiving data.

be sure the cables are plugged in correctly. MIDI Out of the interface typically goes to MIDI In for the Axe. but sometimes the interface cable is labeled "To MIDI In" meaning that's the one.

Major Tom

New Member
okay many thx.......after a few hours and no joy finally I pressed the usb merge button on the midisport
and it updated to 11.....finally....
I reset the system with the version 5.19 firmware on it first before i did this....dont know if it helped
and now I have axe edit working great.....I have input on front of the unit....but no output....what needs to be assigned and where


Major Tom

New Member
okay since new firmware I have input showing on the front led's.....but no output

can someone help please...thx !


Fractal Fanatic
Problem solved ?
I'd retry the FW load. Sysex ID is set to 0174 ? Used to be an issue with that also when I had the ultra.

Major Tom

New Member
Thank you all for all the help......the ultra convinced me....so after about 3 weeks with it....I simply had to buy the Axe Fx 3 ...!!!!
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