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New song! (Mix Critiquing needed)


I'm still having a bit of trouble getting rid of the low-end muddiness. But here's the song. Let me know what you think!



to get rid of the mud cut the eq @ 200hz with a medium to small 'q'

the intro is good, just too long

mix sounds ok maybe a lil more limiting lead guitar is little loud

in saying these its a decent trackc


Thanks for the tips. I'm still working withheld intro I think I will shorten or maybe make it a faster tempo. Galaxy formation is a hell of a stock patch. I'll do the cut and see if it works. Thanks for the comment and compliment :)


I dont like drums. they sound like plastic packs. And snare not distinguished from kick.... i know that in this style many people do that... but i think it is because drums are too hard to nail.
Guitars are very loud and sit in the same spectrum and acoustic space as a drums. Bass is wondering alone and not mixed with bass drum. Thats why there is no readable drum-bass groove.

Overally mix is abit harsh around 2000-2500 hz and lacks warmth.

Suggestion for remixing: switch rvrrething off. Make drums sound like complete piece that you relly like to listen them. Get the drum bus to sit in some separate acoustic space. F.e studio room.
Then switch on bass. Connect its timbre to bass drum. Make some spectrum pocket for it. When this mix will sound good as complete piece add the guitars and you`ll find how to make the sound. Loudness is not the thing that makes tone readable. SPECTRUM+ACOUSTIC SPACE.
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