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New Red Wire G12H30 rules!


I just got around to putting the newly released Red Wires G12H30
speakerbox cab impulses thru their paces. This is my first speaker
box IR collection. I have most of the bigbox collections but
didn't figure the single speakers would sound that hot.

Well they do. The new G12H30 rules! Thru the Royer 6 in. from the
cap it gets that magic "sticky", greasy midrange character. Love it!
If you haven't gotten around to testing out this new speaker,
make some. I just love the Red Wire impulses. I'd use up 30 IR slots
if the Axe had them.


I'm waiting for the Speakerbox version of a Vintage 30 to pair it with the G12H30. It's a great combonation for a lot of tones.


I too look forward to some sound clips. Big G12H30 fan, but for some reason the Hellatones did not float my boat in my 2 x 12. I dumped mine for some Scumbacks and, Oh What a Difference!
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