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New Red Wire Cab List!


Got an email from Mike at Red Wire with the new cab list.
Here ya go. Looks SO YUMMY! Need more user slots!!!:

"We're happy to announce that we've just released 11 new cabinets. There's some
real classics represented:

Hiwatt SE4123 with Fane 50-watt purples
Two Fender Twins (Jensen C12N and JBL D120Fs)
Marshall 1960B with T-75s
Marshall 1960 with JBL K120s
Marshall Basketweave with G12Ls
Peavey 5150 with Sheffield 1200s
ENGL Pro with V30s
Supro Thunderbolt with Jensen 15"

...a Celestion G12H30 and a 200-watt EVM12L in our Speakerbox collection.

There are some changes to the website, as well. The new site allows you to
create your own bundles. So, now, the more cabs you purchase, the less
expensive each additional cabinet gets. The system will remember cabs you've
already purchased, so you don't have to buy them all at once to get a discount.
If this sounds confusing, just visit the site and try it out. It's not
difficult to grasp... I hope.

If you have any trouble, just shoot us an email and we'll be glad to help out.

mike, Red Wire Impulses


After some extended testings on my Axe patches, I can tell you the new
JBL D120 Twin box sounds perfect! Its now my go to cab impulse for all
my dedicated clean patches. Just the way I remember the real ones
sounding. Scooped, but not too much, pronounced bass punch. Treble
response to the high heavens.
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