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New recording from my band using FW18 and Ownhammer bass and guitar V3 IR's!


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My band is going to release a new EP next week.
I've just uploaded the first track as a preview:

This EP will feature 5 older songs that have been completely re-recorded with cool new firmwares and IR's (also new SM7b vocal mic etc.).
I used my Fender Jim Root Telecaster (black) straight into the Axe FX II with Ownhammer V3 ENGL and MESA V30 IR's.
I mostly use the Recto models and for bass I used the SVT Ampeg model with the new Ownhammer Ampeg 4x10 bass IR's that work so well!

I hope you guys dig this track.
Come say hi on Facebook for a chat!

Fabio KTG

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Another refreshing listen, Jon. I'm always seriously impressed with your band's compositions, arrangement and choice of guitar tone. Very reminiscent of Stone Sour and Lamb of God.

Whatever it is that you're doing, keep it up. I'll buy the album when it drops. Such a nice change from a lot of what I hear on this forum. Bravo Sir.
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I keep listening back to this for... the vocal FX :D
Interesting vibe. I think it reminds me of a certain Brand New Heavies song.

Jill Yan

Hello Guitarjon,

Very nice

I'm listening, maybe once a week to the Raptor album on youtube, I can't believe there's is only 382 listening... You should have at least 10000 likes for this album

Anyway, may I put a link in my Facebook for your Raptor album ?



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Thanks everybody!
I've tweaked the mix even more since this one although the differences will be subtle.
I re amped the guitars and bass since the cab block fix and the bass seems to have a little more depth and dynamics now.
We'll probably release the ep on Thursday so I'll make a post then with the full ep!
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