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New Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C amplifier!


My rig has been the axe with mfc and clr cab. I'm considering adding the JP-2C for fun and because tube amps are still cool lol. Seeing as this has midi built in will the Mfc be able to control both the Axe and 2C or would I have to look at getting some other geat for them to "talk" to each other? Hope it won't be too much of a headache when the time comes. Already have a Mesa cab so that part is covered.

Cooper Carter

Fractal Fanatic
There was a rumor that they used a Dual Recto on Forsaken but I doubt it. There's a studio video where you can see a Recto on the background but I think people misunderstood that it was being used. It might just be a part of the gear that was tested in the studio.

I've always assumed that's Myung's standard Recto.


I just got this amp last Wednesday, Needless to say, it has gotten much hype. Well, it is worth the hype in spades! I've owned the Mark V 90W head, but I never used the Mark IIc+ channel because it seemed very thin sounding to me. Not the case here, this amp sounds amazing. The clean channel is maybe the best I've heard in any Boogie amp, including the Lonestar and Mark V. The gain channels are where it's at! Much more girth than the IIc+ circuit in the MkV. The gain boost is awesome, subtle yet not over the top and hideous. The presence boost is also very effective and useful, never gets real shrill or ice-picky. For a 100W head, it is surprisingly useful and sounds great at lower volumes. When I use it in my home to practice by myself, it's very manageable. Will Be trying it with the band for the first time in a few days, looking forward to it. My Axe FX rig is a mainstay in my musical life, but if I had to own one amp to go with it, this is it! Glad I dropped the cash on it, certainly not cheap but worth it all day long. After all, it's a Boogie and will probably last acouple decades. Highly recommend you try one if you get the chance.
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