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New Live Album - All Axe Fx Guitar And Bass!


Hey All,

I'm super excited that my band just released a new live album. The funny bit is that although the album is new, it's actually from a show we recorded 4 years ago. I was consolidating hard drives to make room for some of the new material we've been working on, and I stumbled across this multitrack. It's the only live show we had recorded as a multitrack, so I decided to do a proper mix on it and release it. We played a few songs that were never recorded, and worked up a few new arrangements as well, so it actually stands up well as it's own album.

I found the original thread I posted when we did the show. The video was streamed online. You can get an idea from that thread what the raw audio was like.


I was looking for the old thread to remind myself of the setup I had back then. I was running direct with my Axe Fx II. I was using some Public Beta IR's from Ownhammer. I'm not completely certain of the amp sims, but it was probably a JCM800, or a JTM45, and a Fender Deluxe. My bass player was using my Axe Fx Standard and ran direct as well. We just quickly dialed up something for him with a lot of dirt. I was using a CLR that I just got, and he was running through a K12.

I'd be more than happy to share patches, but they don't look anything now like they did back then, and I'm not even sure the old patches would translate. Does anyone even know what the firmware would have been back then? Since then, I've been using IR's from Cab Pack 8, and I use a lot of Plexi amp models. Even though I've made a lot of changes to my patches in the last 4 years, it still sounds pretty similar. I dial everything to sound the same, lol.

I have the album on CD baby, BandCamp, and SoundCloud, but it hasn't quite made it's way to iTunes yet. Soon!



CD Baby

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