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New Guitar Day!! - Carvin/Keisel (Pics inside)


Already, I love this guitar. It may be the best guitar (IMO) that I've owned, to date. The neck joint is flawless. Its plays like a dream and the finish is quite beautiful. I have owned an Ibanez S-series 7-string. I also, still own an Ibanez RG 7-string prestige. Its blows both out of the water. The pickups sound really nice, as well. I'm no guru. But, I know a great guitar when I play one!

Its a 27" scale. I have gigantically-long fingers.

Sorry if the pics are a tad grainy or blurry.

unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg


Fractal Fanatic
Seems like every other day there's a C/K NGD posted - or two ;) - and they're all completely knocked out of the park!

If it hasn't already been said, I think it's time to officially consider Carvin's move into "elite" builders a success.


Thanks guys! And, Yes it does have lithium k14's in it. I actually like them. Which, is weird. I've never liked stock pickups in any guitar I've ever purchased.
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