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new funk/jazz album with all AxeFX2 and AX8 tones!


Really, really nice job! I noticed the title as "Welcome to Minneapolis", and since I live in Minneapolis I thought I'd ask if you live here as well? I have played with Westside and The Good Bad and Funky so I really dig the Minnesota funk and thought we could maybe get together and do some Axe jammin! Let me know.


Tone, structure and syncopation certainly do justice to the title of the first track, Mr. Wong. A nice tip of the hat to all things "Prince" ... Love the way this is recorded as well. Nice unison runs with the bass throughout - beautifully done. And, I hear so many influences - early Jeff Beck, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, AWB, John McLaughlin and on, and on ... Love the acoustic and slide work in "Simon" - Just Awesome. Bought it! Good luck with this project!!!
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Good music Cory. Re: Vulfpack - Thanks to internet one thing always leads to another.... so many good artists I got to know just by seeing playing with fave artists or demoing gear .... with little research.
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