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New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?


I used to work for a company that moved away from its core products in an effort to diversify. Sales were steady, but the top management wanted growth quarter after quarter. Thus, trying to develop and market an assortment of products that had nothing to do with what we were known for began to occupy more and more of our time. Feedback from customers was a constant stream of "Gee, I really wished you still made 'product x' you have made for twenty years. I finally have a job where I can afford it." However, we kept pushing products we knew little about for new markets we did not understand.

That company is no longer in business.

I understand the need to change with the times, but straying to far from one's core business is almost always a recipe for disaster. If Marshall wanted to diversify, they should have considered logical MI products - PA systems, studio monitors, amp plugins, affordable modeling amps, etc.


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If Jim Marshall was still with us, he would probably get a heart attack cause of this crap.
Cant believe this bullshit, a Fxxxx phone??? seriously?
I would be too embarrassed to hang out with that thing.
Hack, what's the next stage? Samsung will start build tube guitar amps? And after that, world peace?? :shock
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This is an execrable attempt to diversify the brand - straying into Gibson standards of poor taste. Whoever is driving Marshall's marketing needs a swift re-alignment of their testicular region.


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Or maybe, just maybe, this is just merchandizing thing they give out for free on competitions or NAMM and just added it to the store on popular demand...
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