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New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?


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Marshall needs to refocus here.

What is it about a "toy" that "goes to 11" do they not get?

*nudge nudge, wink wink*


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Me wants one a those Marshall Fridges for my manhole guitar bunker - unless a Fractal fridge becomes available in which case I'll go for one a those.


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I guess when you can't go any further with tube amps you have to go somewhere.

OOOoooooohhhhh buuuurrrrrrrrrrrnnnn!!!

JVM was ok, and the MMF was one of the better SS amps I've ever heard, but this kind of move pisses me off.

If you're a player considering the Marshall brand, that's R&D that DIDN'T go into the next best thing they release that you might've bought/used.
If you're an investor, this must look like an obvious flop (Gibson flamed top studio monitors, anyone?).
If you're Marshall... I gotta think your internal numbers look really, really bad for you to go this route.

I consider myself pretty close to the norm consumer, maybe with a few hangups... but I go to Samsung (or apple, LG, etc.) for phones and Marshall for '60's Plexi's like I go to my mechanic to tell me what's wrong with my truck and my doctor to tell me when I finally get cancer, not the other way around.

Honestly, who wins on a move like this?


I guess when you can't go any further with tube amps you have to go somewhere.

Sad, but true. I certainly wouldn't buy a Marshall these days. There are too many botique builders who will make a Marshall inspired amp for you with better components, hand wired, and tuned to your personal tastes, at cost similar to a Marshall amp. For example, Voodoo Amps did this for me, and I love my custom V-Rock 100 amp head that Voodoo Amps built for me. There are much better options out there if you want a Marshall-esque amp. And of course, there's the AxeFx, but you guys already knew that!


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Hundreds of old Marshall users are now saying "Cool phone ... I'd love it .... pity I'm feckin deaf as a post"
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