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New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?


Power User
errrrrr... say what?

Marshall just released the world's most badass Android phone



Interesting, but why not just make Marshall phone cases. Black or Purple tolex style cases with white pinstriping would probably sell like hotcakes. They'll never compete with Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. device wise.


Fractal Fanatic
Well I sure hope this isn't "The world is about to change" campaign, cause if so that's extremely disappointing......


Fractal Fanatic
When the biggest manufacturer of tube amps decides to diversify away from tube amps, we should take notice.

1. Guitar music is in decline
2. Far fewer venues to perform at
3. Modeling is eating into sales.


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You can talk on it while sitting on your Marshall barstool and drinking a beer that you got out of your Marshall refrigerator.
And use it to take photo's of your 30 yr old Marshall amp (from back in the days when they still knew how to build them).
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