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New Fender Brent Mason Tele


Fractal Fanatic
Sweet! Brent Mason IS Nashville. His Tele is heard on basically everything, by every country artist, since the 90's. Famous for routinely "dumbing down" his solos so that the touring guitarists would be able to play them live :)



I built out a few of the Valley Arts version. Fun guitar. Wiring was interesting. Essentially tele with three humbuckers.

Andy Eagle

Power User
MOJO always = BS or snake oil.

The E and B will be pressing down twice as hard as all the others strings with it like that.


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I wonder if Brent Mason was concerned about the string tree and why a player of his caliber would not object if it didn't have some functional purpose? He sure has made this guitar design sing! I would love to have his chops and musical provenance!

Knobs McGee

Carl is a fine and versatile player. Nice sounding pickups but the body sounded a bit thumpy to me...not much high frequency sustain. I am listening on my phone though.


Fractal Fanatic
If the neck is anything like his Valley Arts sig model, it will be freakin' huge. Those guitars had the thickest necks I've ever held in my hand.
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