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New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!


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Sweet tones, great playing, and thanks for the presets Larry and FAS...and early Christmas present...nice!! You guys rock...

What a monster the AFX is; matching the settings from the real amp -> AFX is a total clone-age of tone. Tone Clone! A very impressive video indeed.


We are pleased to share this video featuring Grammy Award-Winning producer/guitarist Larry Mitchell. We met up with Larry at Universal Noise Storage Studios to showcase Quantum 6 Amp Modeling in a side-by-side comparison some real tube amps. The point was to show that the models sound just like the amps when you set the basic controls the same.

As a nice bonus, we saved all of the Cab IRs and Presets and we're making them available for both the Axe-Fx II and AX8. Think of it as our little holiday gift to you in appreciation of an amazing year.

THANK YOU on behalf of everyone at Fractal Audio Systems!

See the video and find the downloads here:


Thank you Larry,FAS Team and SantaCliff


New here
Great video.
Larry - Thanks! Your AX8 preset was one of the first I downloaded when I got my unit 6 months back. Really great stuff. You are an inspiration to many.
Fractal - Thanks again. I love the passion you guys have for your products. The best in the business.

I hope you all get some down time during the holidays.


Thank you. I'm playing again Thursday January 19th Marriott lobby. Opening night of NAMM. Should be fun. You never know who's gonna sit in too. Andy Timmons has done 4 of the last five years, Vernon Reid jumped up this past NAMM show and Ritchie Kotzen the year before plus Cooper Carter, Ryan McGarvey, and Travis Larson. It's always a blast.

I will most likely be at a few other booths inside the convention center a few times. Jamming noodling hanging. See you at namm
Your presets are fantastic, I played great sound.....And any question...for you...in your custom guitar THE di Marzio bridge his hb superdistortion?thank..


Everything you hear was direct. The guitar cabs were in the live room. We were monitoring in the control room and recording direct to Pro Tools.
What?? No real cab/monitor + mike between the Axe FX and the mixer??
Sounds absurd. In a good way ;-))

Thank you guys you have outdone yourself. I hope you will never get a Redplate in your hands. I might have to sell mine after...


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A bundle is the preset plus IR that you can preview with Axe Edit and then if you choose to save it, it prompts you for the user cab slot to save the bundled cab into.
Previewed a preset in Axe Edit but when I dragged the preset to a location it did not ask for a cab location.


The bundle is a preset and cab that can be imported at once, the when saved, the preset and cab position is made. The preset files will reuquire
Previewed a preset in Axe Edit but when I dragged the preset to a location it did not ask for a cab location.
younhave to import it, and then you choose preset and cab location when saving


[QUOTE="vinnieRice, post: 1456174, member: 8099"
(Shared a laugh with Andy Timmons two years ago during the gig when Larry circulated the room, still playing of course...awesome)[/QUOTE]
Let me clarify; shared a joke with a dude in the crowd, who looked awfully familiar, who then proceeded to get up on stage and blaze away...double awesome
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