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New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!


Thank you. I'm playing again Thursday January 19th Marriott lobby. Opening night of NAMM. Should be fun. You never know who's gonna sit in too. Andy Timmons has done 4 of the last five years, Vernon Reid jumped up this past NAMM show and Ritchie Kotzen the year before plus Cooper Carter, Ryan McGarvey, and Travis Larson. It's always a blast.

I will most likely be at a few other booths inside the convention center a few times. Jamming noodling hanging. See you at namm
I'll be off the plane, dump bags at hotel and straight to the Marriott. Wouldn't miss it.

(Shared a laugh with Andy Timmons two years ago during the gig when Larry circulated the room, still playing of course...awesome)


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You guys are freakin' amazeballs ...great video and I wish you all well at NAMM. I haven't gone since the 90s ... but have fun guys!

Agreed this ought to put the cork-sniffers into a tailspin ... will proly blame it all on the Rooskies!

One more thing, I just dial-up the 59 Bassman and played the bridge PUp (SC; Ron Ellis custom wind) with a guitar volume knob rolled back a little (~8) and get a great Rolling Stones tone (open G tuning). It just can't get much better. :)
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This is a wonderful Christmas present. Thank you FAS and @Larry Mitchell! And I can attest to the controls reacting the same. My tone controls are set exactly the same as on my real EVH 100 watt amps. My Fractal rig sounds the same if not better than the real deal.I played a show over the weekend with two opening bands. One had a EVH 100 watt halfstack and the other a Mesa Recto halfstack. My AX8 in stereo through FOH and through 2 XiTone wedges on stage destroyed them. The tone difference between my rig and there's was literally night and day. They both came up afterwards wanting to know more about Fractal Audio and I was happy to oblige.
Id love to try your presets!


Oh wow can't wait to try these out! Larry is an incredible musician! He's got some insane shred chops that can cross your eyes and make you fall out the chair backwards.. trust me I've seen it first had on a few occasions while he was testing the new AX8! Gonna download these tonight and give em a whirl. Thanks to all involved and Merry Christmas!

dr bonkers

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What awesome playing, great video, and absolutely killer presets.

The video made my guitar hoarder/K-user friend's jaw drop, not only Larry's playing, but the extreme ability of matching the actual amp.

Thanks for the holiday gift!!!


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By the way, the preset bundles are killer. I find the 4x12 IR a little boxy sounding with my Marshall setups, but my normal IR is a little thin I think, so that's not to be unexpected. I prefer the AC20 IR to the factory one. I still have yet to try it with various brand V AC models but for sure it's the perfect IR for the Morgan. I'm also having a blast with the deluxe dirty preset. I had no idea that amp got so hairy.

Thanks for sharing Fractal & Larry.

P.S. Fractal, I would likely buy artist preset bundle packs like this over straight IR bundles personally. Perhaps Larry should be the first artist pack on the yet to come bundle purchase page. :)


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Ha, I was just in Germany. In fact I had just flown back from Düsseldorf airport two days before this video was shot. I was a bit jet lagged.
We know! Tony from the german forum borrow his monitor to you and shared cool video snippet with you at this lovely club gig in Hamburg ;) World is small...
Thank you and FAS for this impressive comparison and the presets! Cool stuff!
YES ! messed around a little with these presets with a real cab- made very little adjustments - sounds just awesome. Great video and great playing Larry - I wish I had half the chops you do. Thanks FAS - awesome surprise - Merry xmas to us !!
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