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New EHX organ pedal!

hmm, this is the first pedal I've considered since getting my first Axe Fx 6 yrs ago.
$293 list price

So many applications, especially with a 2 gtr Rock band


Power User
Yea just saw this. Definitely looks like it works quite well. I've done some pretty good organ stuff with the axe in the past but this seems to have a little nicer sound to it.


man EHX keeps bringing out cool shit... they must have got some good devs as of late or something. you hear a bit and then you get to thinking wouldn't it be cool if it had this... then 2 seconds later in the demo there it is... did that a few times.


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Very cool. Would be great if expression pedal could control rotary and if there were some way to change presets hands-free. The POG pedals can get you into some of this zone, but this really nails some great organ tones.


Fractal Fanatic
Sounds great. I just wish pedals would get with the times and include a settings save and recall instead of on/off as your only option in a live situation.
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