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Wish New effect block: Digitech FreqOut emulation

I think an emulation/concoction of something along the lines of the Digitech Freqout/Fernandes sustainer effect would be absolutely incredible with the parameters like the Freqout to change feedback style etc.

This would be extremely useful for guys who do straight up in ear gigs but want to get feedback which could be controlled via a CS upon holding. Man, the idea of that gets me stoked!!!!
Possible already with some tweaking.

Try the Sustain Maniac stock preset for the FM3, or for simulated feedback try this:https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7802
Got ya! That's pretty awesome!!! I saw he is using the "Fixed Harm" setting in the pitch block, however, I don't see that available in the "effect type"; is it named something else on the axe iii?

EDIT: Sorry, I guess it got updated with the dual chromatic.
I just downloaded the patch; I'm wondering; do you happen to know if this is supposed to cause infinite sustain, or is this dependent on the compressor's release setting that eventually stops the feedback?
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