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New Cabinet Impulse Response site - EstIrs.com


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Greetings to all! EstIRs is a newly founded provider of high-quality cabinet impulse responses from Estonia. Feel free to browse and try out our free samples @ estirs (dot) com/product-category/free-stuff/

Also like us on our Facebook page - everything off -25% 'till March with special coupon!

facebook (dot) com/EstIRsdotcom/

estirs (dot) com/


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Okay I checked out your site and would like it if you added more info as to mic's used etc. Will check out freebies.

Thank you!


So I just checked out your impulse and while it doesn't sound bad it's only 0.008secs, while others are 0.176secs, that's a lot of info missing.
How did you capture these?


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Hey thanks for the freebies! I downloaded them and I'm agree with Heavyplayer, the engl IR is only 8ms and it seems that is truncated in some way, it reminds me of the first times IRs.
The mesa IR is 34ms long and has more detail in the frequency plot (more peaks and valleys), I want to try this impulse at home.

Some guesses about the names (please correct me if i'm wrong):

ENG-E412ST-CELV1260_SM57-CE: Engl 4x12 standard slanted cabinet with celestion V12-60 silver series cones, shure sm57 mic pointed to center

MESA-4FB-CELV30_SM57-CE: Mesa boogie 4x12 Recto standard oversized slant cabinet with celestion V30 cones, shure sm57 mic pointed to center

Best of luck!
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Thanks for updating your info.
I was going to checkout your Carvin cab, but you have very few raw IR's and mostly pedals in the chain.
If you happen to change or add just mics only and more of them.......I'd buy it.

Good luck!
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