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New Cab Pack on the way based on VINTAGE FENDER COMBOS!


Cab Pack Wizard

This Cab Pack was just released! Go get it from here: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_ML_USA_Combos_p/fas-801-0031.htm

I'm so excited to break the news here, especially as I can simultaneously announce that all the IR's have been shot. The launch will be wait for it... "soon"... as soon as everyone's happy with the pack. :)

There isn't much I can say about the pack yet but I will be slow playing the information a bit here by posting photos of a new combo every now and then. The oldest combo is from 1960 and the newest combo is from 1965. How many combos? What speakers are included? It's all still a mystery.

Let's start this off by announcing the oldest combo of the bunch, a 1960 Tweed Deluxe with an original Jensen P12Q:

Here's a sound sample dedicated to @Piing for requesting a sample:

EDIT: Here's another sound sample using the "Prince Tone" combo:




It was born the same year as my mother. That kind of puts things to another perspective for me. I love the simplicity of having just two knobs to work with. It's definitely highly sensitive to different guitars. I've been playing mostly my Strat and Les Paul through this thing and even those two manage to turn this amp into two different beasts. The EQ balance of the speaker is very similar to a full on 4x12 and the sound is really fat. It's been the amp of choice for players such as The Edge, Neil Young, Billy Gibbons, Larry Carlton... the list is endless really. I feel humbled and honored to be in the company of this combo and I can't wait to share my Preset-Cab Bundles that match the real life amps with everyone in here.

Stay tuned and remember to follow this thread! Feel free to ask me anything. :)


Okay guys it's time for the next reveal. This one is a bit of a rare one. A 1963 "Prince Tone" 6G2 that's a Blackface with white knobs and a Jensen inside:





Here's the third combo which is the second oldest of the bunch: 1961 Brownface Deluxe and this one is the most British sounding one of the bunch with a vintage Rola Celestion G12H30 75hz Blackback in it. Some people may recognize the mod. ;)




You can hear Tony use this in the video he posted later in this thread. :)

EDIT: Last reveal!

Okay guys here's the last combo included. This is the newest combo of the bunch although it's still super vintage: a 1965 Princeton Reverb with a Weber Alnico speaker.




I'm happy to announce that the Alloy IR's have soon been gone through meaning that we will be ready for launch really soon. If everything goes well it might be as soon as one or two weeks from now. I'll create a video explaining the differences in sound by then so everyone knows what's included. :) Until then please enjoy these clips by some of my close friends using these IR's:

... and when you give vintage combo IR's to a djent dude this is what comes out...

I'm actually very surprised how well the IR's work in a modern mix. :) That's always a good sign kind of like the PR75 in Cab Pack 20.
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Cab Pack Wizard
@ML SOUND LAB I've really become enamored of the Larry Mitchell IR where a single IR is shot with multiple mics and blended at the console vs. IR's mixed in Cab Lab or by other software.

Does this new pack offer anything like that?
What you're describing is exactly the way I do mixes. I started calling these real life mixes "Alloys" and you can find them in most of my Cab Packs. :)


Cab Pack Wizard
i was wondering where you've been, excited for this one!
I'm here! Always here! :) Honestly creating the Brit Collection II really took a lot of effort and after the pack was finished I didn't even feel like playing guitar for a couple of weeks. Don't worry about it. I'm back at it and enjoying playing my guitar more than ever. :)


Fractal Fanatic
I'm creating a clip right now. I'll use both the strat and les paul to give you guys an idea of the range. IIRC Bonamassa loves his vintage Les Pauls right?

Sweet, that would be super thanks Mikko! Yes, JB is a big fan of his 59 LPs but he does have a whole host of guitars that he loves like a 60s strat; but most of his sounds are vintage LP. He plays through Tweeds now and pretty much nothing else, so I'm keen to try out this cab pack with the Supertweed and a couple other Fenders on the AFX.


Cab Pack Wizard
I did not know that. I assumed the Alloys were mixed in a DAW. :)
Yeah that was kind of the reason I didn't want to call them just "mix IR's" because I wanted to separate them somehow. There's a lot of play you can do with two or more mics in front of a cabinet. That inter-mic phase can sometimes emphasize the best features of the signal in a really cool way. That free IR collection I gave out with the CKJ EP was actually a 4 mic alloy with two SM57s, and MD421 and a R121. That's IMO unnecessarily complex but it was sure fun. It's dark but this is what it looked like. PS. notice the reverse-wired headphones on the cabinet which was used for lofi intros. :)



Cab Pack Wizard
@ML SOUND LAB is that 60 Tweed Deluxe the same amp used for the Fractal model?
Not physically the exact same amp. This one is on the other side of the planet. That being said they are surprisingly close. The input drive is a bit different in the model when compared to the Tweed Deluxe I have but other than that they sound pretty much the same. It only has a drive and tone control.
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