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New Cab-Lab 3 for III 3.40 download error..temporary fix


when attempting to use the check for update option (on Mac) using 3.20, I consistently get a download error ...anyone else having an Issue?Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.31.48 PM.png
see post 7 for workaround
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Had a similar issue but if you go into your order history, you can download the latest version there.

Same problem here on OS/X latest version. So, how do I access my Order History (I ordered it years ago when it first came out)?

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Hi all, sorry for the inconvenience. There is indeed a problem with the automatic upload. I let engineering know, and they assured me that this will be addressed tomorrow morning.

In the mean time, you can, as was noted above, get your update by logging in at https://shop.fractalaudio.com and visiting the Order History.


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I can download the new cab lab fro my order history but when I open it, I get this:Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 4.40.43 PM.png

I already own Cablab 3 & when I hit OK, it tries to download the same thing I just downloaded & fails!

Tom Morris

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This is probably the wrong place to ask however, not owning Cab-Lab can you adjust mid frequency sweep of a single cab. I saw a screenshot showing in tools a LP and HP adjustment just wondering if there is any way within Cab-Lab to adjust the Mid character. I'm having one hell of a time getting a live tonal quality of a BLACKSTAR HT-100 MKII. That thing has an un natural Mid's thing going on that I just cant figure out. I spent a lot of time going through the mole hill of 4x12 cabinets to find one that sounded close. Bottom line is the overall frequency difference of the mid-highs between the AXFIII and the BLACKSTAR is really noticeable to me.

I liken it to using a filter block and notching out a 100k section and and sweeping it from 400K to 200000. Almost seems like the backstair is above 20000 and the AFX has a distinct 667K. Ive tried EQ, Filter, Crossover as well as playing with the amp block Q and frequency setting to no avail. Looking for another avenue of adjustment and was wondering if maybe I could get what i was looking for in the cab block.
First of - thanks very much Fractal for this Cab Lab upgrade! Issue: seems like the Cab Lab does not like to run when Axe Edit is around. Win 7 x64 FW 2.02 beta. I can't seem to get Cab Lab connected to Axe Fx3 when my Axe Edit is running. I work around this by starting Cab Lab first, get it connected to Axe Fx3 and then start Axe Edit. Also cannot invoke EZ Setup function of Cab Lab when Axe Edit is around. Apologies if this was already reported or if it is expected behavior


Just for clarification, there is no plugin update because it doesn't connect and it doesn't need it, right?
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