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New Bugera FRFR


Just kidding but I did build one.......around 2012 I built my own 4x12 looking cab to use with my axe Ultra and it turned out to sound great and I gigged with it for years heres the post from back then my 4x12 homemade frfr since then I bought EV Elx112p's but the cab still sounded better, then I got a couple friedman asc12's
which I love, so the 4x12 was kinda heavy and not used much so I took 1/2 of it apart and put it in an old Bugera 2x12 cab I had sitting around just for the hell of it and I'll be damned if this one sounds great too, I dialed it side by side to the Friedman and it gets very close and together they really sound good the "Bugera"has a 2 band EQ which makes it easy to dial in.
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