AFIII Presets New Boutique+Blues pack

Third-party preset or preset pack for the Axe-Fx III



Just released ! A new pack with 54 presets (and more soon) and 30 user IRs. In this demo I use a backing track by David Walliman. These are the tones I use to play Stevie Ray Vaughan/Larry Carlton/Robben Ford/Eric Clapton/Joe Bonamassa/John Mayer/Derek Trucks fan/Scott Henderson/Frank Gambale stuff. FM3 version also available, the presets are the same except for reverb quality, cab block resolution, and 1 dual amp preset, which uses only 1 amp/1 cab in the FM3 version.

Another demo, using a DI track from a friend :

Bought this the moment it came online. Awesome stuff as usual. Took me dats to go through the presets because I just kept playing with every preset. Love it Fremen. Thank you for making it.
Wow I love love love the Blues man I want you to teach me how to make my fingers move like that.
Absolutely awesome sound, tone is stellar fantastic o_O:)
Hey there @fremen

Getting the blues out of my fingers is somehow like talking a foreign language. But your presets sound great right out of the box, that helps alot ;)

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