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New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999


It's like US companies have this blind spot in regards that there is a world outside of the US.
More like the EU makes it hard for a small company to navigate all the consumer and tax laws in a way that lets them sell a product and keep a reasonable profit margin in place. Language laws, tax laws, warranty laws, environmental laws...the list is long and resellers offer you a faster, compliant path to the market than going direct.


Yeah I'm probably gonna have to jump on this pretty soon. My II already does pretty much everything I need but you only live once, right? :smile:

Dr. Dipwad

Is it really because of increased competition from on-the-market products?

Or...is it because the Axe FX III XL with 4 simultaneous Amps is about to be released?



Keeping in mind that Fractal just forked over a huge sum of money to pay the tariffs on that new shipment of FM3s, so could be they’re looking to increase cash-flow.. All conjecture aside, if you were ever on the fence, now would be the time grab an AXElll. They were well worth $2500 when they hit the market, they’re just a steal at this price.
I don't care how it came about, if anything that is irrelvant. All I know is that right now it exists and it seriously screws me over. You can quote legal stuff at me if it is or isn't a true monopoly by the legal definition but don't piss on my back and tell me its raining. Currently I have no choice as a consumer, Fractal enforces this and that makes it a monopoly AFAIC. That is bad, period! And people who do not suffer from it and get to enjoy all the fun deals that Fractal offers you shouldn't tell others who don't get it that's not so bad or that its not a real monopoly.

For the record, I have always said this is a very good product, and that Fractal's dedication to keep on providing updates even to obsolete products is outstanding. This puts them shoulders above other companies. But its sale policy sucks to anyone who doesn't live in the US. I noticed the same behavior with buildyourownclone pedals, who also refuse to sell directly to customers outside of the US. It's like US companies have this blind spot in regards that there is a world outside of the US. And if this is more widespread its no wonder that the 21st century will most likely be a Chinese century. Because they do look outside their own borders. By the way, in the case of buildyourownclone they at least had multiple European dealers, allowing a customer some choice in shopping for the best bargain.

I owned a small Company for 35 years. I have exported products in Europe, USA and many other Countries from Canada. I am also importing products from Europe and as a distributor I always have an exclusive distributor agreement with the supplier. Then I can sell to retailers I deal with.

Most companies do this. I do not think you would have a better price if Fractal would sell 2 units at a time to a retailer in your country. As a rule of thumb whatever I buy in Europe is sold 25% more than the price they are selling in Europe. Despite the fact that the supplier as well as us are reducing our profit margins. And I do not even sell products that could need service or have a warranty!!
It's a good price, but after some deliberation I think I'm going to go for the FM3... I really don't need the power of the FX III, and like the smaller footprint (and price tag) of the FM3.


I've got a substantial build up of GAS, three years with the AX8 nullifying any real need for new gear and 6 months of pent up GAS for the FM3 on top of hearing how good the AXEIII can sound means I'd jump on this in a heartbeat if this sort of price was available in the UK

I've saved up the money for the FM3 already, and managed to get a FC6 cheap via a fellow forum user, so...........if G66 do any sort of steal deal, I'm in!

D.B. Walker

Must confess ... it made me jump on the III ... was waiting for the FM3 to make up my mind, but the more I looked, the more the III made sense for me.

I ended up getting two FC6's, I'll be putting controller pedals between them and on either side.


Got my III during tax free weekend. Totally worth the price. If you’re on the fence just do it. Listed all my pedals for sale and it’ll cover the cost of the III np. Not to mention the axe will do more than all those pedals combined with zero noise and more flexibility with routing. In 2019 it’s a no brainer.


New Member
I've already got money for the III, but I'm wondering now to wait for less price in Europe and buy both at once with FC-12.
The difference is huge now. What do you think, the price in Europe in near future will gow down, too?

AJ Vargas

Same here... I've already got the money for the III but my dealer here in Mexico has been out of stock for, well... basically since the end of 2018. If the new prices reflect on this side of the border, sure thing I'll save that money towards the FC-12 or the FM3 if somehow the III convinces me to replace my AX8 as my live rig.


The current price of the AXE FXIII in Europe is a joke. It could explain why is always on stock. I highly doubt the sales here are too big.
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