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New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999


It already was the best deal on the market. I've had them all, and Axe FX III does it right. It's all about the power amp on those old NMV amps. They're the only digital solution that nails it.


Either than or a MK 2 is on the horizon and Fractal wants to clear out existing inventory.
Just a guess but people are frustrated with the FM3 being delayed so long that business is being lost. Better to lower the A3 than for customers to buy a Kemper or Helix. That may be incorrect, just a guess. I would like to see a Helix format with A3 guts so you don't have to have two seperate units. Floor units are really the way to go for live, but it would really be hard to lose programming power to do it. I do have a FM3 waiting list. 12 switches would be better and A3 awesome power. I do have a FC12 Controller and an A3, just wish they were all in one floor unit with the same power. I would like to see the processor power graph between the A3 and FM3. I have never tapped out the A3 with a normal preset. I did make a huge preset just to see what it would take. It was like two amps, three reverbs, 3 delays, chorus, flange, Trem, phase, and other stuff and at 90 percent processor power. If the F3 is 75%the power it will be fine. Now sure about 50 percent of the A3.

AJ Vargas

Being that the Axe Fx III packs lots of power to spare and supposedly Ares hasn't scratched it's surface in terms of processing power I really doubt a MK2 is making so much sense ATM. Yet, Cliff's been known for never stopping throwing ideas like the quad processor unit he talked being toying about recently... 😵


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Dam, I should have sold my Axe Fx II months ago. This will put a bit of a dent on what people are willing to pay for the II.
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