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New Axe-Fx II Factory Presets - Quantum 6.01


Fractal Fanatic
Just curious, why is there a preset problem with the rotary block for the Original / Mark II? Didn't all models have a rotary block?
The XL has X/Y on some of the blocks that the MkI/II do not have; rotary is one of them if memory serves. It's part of the reason why the presets aren't compatible from the XL unless you convert them with something like FracTool first.


Is there a way to differentiate which presets that is better for single coil and which for humbucker?

Strum your guitar and see what your ears tell you

There are zero rules. I love the sound of my strat through some of the Marshall patches and I also love my LP with hot buckers (rolled slighlty back) with some Fender patches.

Its all simply opinion and you can easily form your own as quickly as anyone else does


For the Rotary problem, can someone with a mk1/mk2 try this preset and tell me if the rotary is still on ?
If yes, please turn it off and export the preset again and send it to me ;)


  • 001 59 Bassguy.syx
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Imported with Fractool (thnks btw) and the rotary was on. Here is the preset with the rotary off.


  • 59 Bassguy OFF.syx
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