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New AXE FX/AX8 preset tutorial video series!


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Hey guys!

I was having a great time playing around with the new beta and I thought it would be fun to make a demonstration video in multiple styles (clean, bluesy clean, crunchy, rock, metal etc.).
After releasing that I got some requests to make tutorial videos so I decided to do a series in which I completely explain every preset + processing in my DAW (in some case there isn't any post-processing though).
Some of the things discussed are more for people who are new to the platform but I tried to make it accessible for everyone.

Here is the video with all the tones:

Here are the released tutorials so far:

I hope you enjoy these.
The rest will be released soon...
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WW Audio

Subscribed ! Really well done, Jon. I've got the Slate everything bundle as well as the VMS and SSD drums. It's amazing how good digital has become, not just for recording but for amp modeling as well - as all of us Axe-Heads know.


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Thanks for your comments guys and thanks for checking out the videos.
I hope there are some handy tips in there.


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Note about the tutorials and the new FW (Q9.01):

I made this video with the initial Q9 beta.
That means that the new speaker compression algorithms weren't finished back then.
You should be able to get great results none the less but watch out with the speaker comp parameter.
Turn it up and it will change the sound of the presets as described in the video.
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